Oleh Sukhomlyn

Hello! My name is Oleh Sukhomlyn. I am a freelancer, 3D artist, 43 years old. For more than 12 years I have specialized in architectural rendering. I offer 3D architectural rendering services to clients who are looking for high quality results. I can recreate 3d space according to your drawings or sketches. You can see the object from any angle, in the daytime and in the evening, or even at any time of the year, to approach and examine small details or to see the object from a bird's eye view. More than 400 realized architectural projects of various directions and styles.

My Services

Exterior Visualization

3D Exterior Visualization - an obligatory stage in designing the private house, shopping centre or the residential community. It is very important to show to the potential investor or the customer how the ready object will look after finishing of construction. Based on the rendering, you can discuss all the advantages of an architectural solution and how it will fit into the environment.

Interior Visualization

3D Interior Visualization allows to see close-up or a general view of an accommodation from various perspective, during day or eveningtime. Thought the instrumentality of visualization of an interior it will be much easier to agreee with the customer all nuances of the project, and eliminate any misunderstanding before the beginning of constructive activities.

360° Panorama

360° Panoramic is a virtual tour which transforms the 3d render into a full interactive experience. It provides the user with a unique walk-through in space, allowing him to fully grasp the architectural plan and interior design down to the very tiny detail. Unlike traditional photography which offers only one angle of image 3D Virtual Tour promises a full 360° Virtual view.


3D Floorplan allow the viewer to see the space in its full dimension. Many buyers have difficulty interpreting standard floor plans, but anyone can easily understand a 3D plan due to the natural perspective it provides. Custom 3D floor plans clearly illustrate the spatial relationships between rooms, entry and exit points, window and door placements, and other architectural elements.

My Skills

3ds Max




Corona Render


Adobe Photoshop